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From Ann... "Welcome to "What's Up?! This is the podcast where two charismatic professionals dig deep, uncovering the juiciest secrets and quirks of people from all walks of life. Join us as we embark on a rollercoaster ride of laughter, intrigue, and jaw-dropping revelations!"


"Your hosts, David “Big Bob” Elyachar and Ann Butenas, will dissect minds, raise eyebrows, pour on the charm, bring on the laughter, and provide a platform of intellect, humor, and just the right amount of delightful chaos."


"Each week, Big Bob and Ann will bring you a catalogue of interesting guests from every nook and cranny of society. Big Bob and Ann have an uncanny ability to put their guests at ease, eliciting honest and often hilarious anecdotes. They don't just ask the usual questions; they go beyond, delving into the extraordinary, the mundane, and everything in between. They explore the essence of what makes these individuals tick, peeling back layers of idiosyncrasies and triumphs. Big Bob and Ann will navigate the uncharted territory of conversations, never afraid to tackle the unexpected. So, buckle up, listeners, and prepare for a wild and insightful journey into the lives of people who make the world go round."


"Remember, in this podcast, (almost!) no subject is off-limits, and no person is too extraordinary or mundane to be celebrated. Join us as we uncover the beautiful chaos that is humanity, one conversation at a time. "What’s Up?!” is the podcast that asks the questions you never knew you needed the answers to!"

From Big Bob...."The original thought process behind this podcast was ego gratification. It provides the opportunity to share our opinions, core values, stories and attempted humor. With our family, friends and maybe some total strangers we understand we are not going to change the world. We want our voices to be heard, we don't need to be right. Take this with a grain of salt and if it has any value pass it on to a friend. We are not trying to be offensive we are still trying to basically entertain you but more importantly ourselves."

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